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The cheap man’s “run id”

While I am sure some people find value in spending $30 or more for a fancy Road Id bracelet, I A) dont’t want to wear yet another thing on my body and B) don’t want to spend $30. I’d rather buy some unnecessary tri gadget with that money. :) One day when getting food for my two pups I noticed the little “rivetable” dog tag at PetSmart. To me it looked less like a dog tag and more like a cheap man’s Run ID. So I bought it, for less than ⅓rd the price of a Road ID and put my ICE (In Case of Emergency) info on it. Then I laced it into the bottom section of my Saucony Ride training shoes. (Yes, I photoshopped out some of the info, I don’t need my crazed groupies stalking me). I’d call this piece of low tech a big win.  

In the beginning … I was fat

I think it makes the most sense to start this blog at the beginning: Years back life was much different for me. I was not the crazed triathlete I am today. Back then, one of my favorite sayings was, “I only run when chased.” Had there been the 0.0 bumper stickers available, I would have proudly sported one on my car. I just didn’t get fitness for fitness’ sake and was happy to engage in physical activity only when necessary. Runners made no sense to me and I often ridiculed their obsession. I actually had a pretty good diet, eating mostly homemade meals of healthy ingredients. As it goes, you can always have too much of a good thing, and my overeating and sedentary lifestyle started to catch up on me. About ten years after college I found myself about 70-80 pounds over weight. The weight had been bugging me for some time, but not…