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2015 IRONMAN Wisconsin Run & Finish

This is the third part in my IRONMAN series, read about the swim here and the bike here. At this point I’m almost seven and a half hours into the race. This number, while large (it was the longest I’d ever raced up to that point), only represented just over half my total race time that day. With that in mind, I knew my running pace would be slow. However, the excitement of seeing my family again and hitting the crowds on foot gave me a short burst of energy, netting me an 8:30ish pace for the first (mostly downhill) mile. At this point I started pacing a Illinois grad decked out in Illini gear. We stated with each other for the first few miles, chatting about anything and everything to keep our minds off our whining legs and draining energy. Eventually he would pull ahead, only to show up…

My first race

I felt it was about time to challenge my new self to an actual timed race. After receiving an email about the Race To Wrigley, I signed up for my first foot race ever, a 5k. With the support of my family, I not only finished the run, I did it in 23:09, which is amazing considering that back in January I couldn’t run for more than a couple minutes straight. I’ll take a 7:27 pace and 46th in my age group. I was officially hooked.