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2015 IRONMAN Wisconsin Bike & T2

This is a continuation of my 2015 IRONMAN Wisconsin race report. Part one, Pre-Race, Swim & T1 can be found here. Transition is held on top of Monona Terrace, a convention center designed by one of the best architects ever, Frank Lloyd Wright. The back half of the terrace is a parking ramp, which is accessed via a corkscrew ramp. We ran up the ramp from the swim into T1 and now it was time to ride down the corkscrew and out of T1. This was a bit worry some for me, as I chose to leave my shoes clipped into the bike and put them on during the ride. Experience has shown me that running in hard, plastic-bottomed bike shoes is just awkward, if not dangerous. It’s just easier to run barefoot to the mount line and get your shoes on during the first hundred yards of the ride. Usually…

New bike day

Following the Race to Wrigley success, I decided to take on the world of triathlon. After a few rides on my old hybrid bike, I realized it was time to get a proper bike that was made for speed. Thinking that I didn’t want to limit myself to tris only, (and frankly afraid of the aero position) I picked up a Giant TCR. It’s a nice carbon frame with a respectable 105 groupset. My thought was that I would grow into the frame and upgrade components as necessary. Here she is the day I brought her home from Spokes (my LBS), before clipless pedals, a saddle bag, a Wahoo bluetooth speed and cadence sensor, clip on aerobars (and eventually a full aero cockpit) and carbon wheels … were added.