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The cheap man’s “run id”

While I am sure some people find value in spending $30 or more for a fancy Road Id bracelet, I A) dont’t want to wear yet another thing on my body and B) don’t want to spend $30. I’d rather buy some unnecessary tri gadget with that money. :) One day when getting food for my two pups I noticed the little “rivetable” dog tag at PetSmart. To me it looked less like a dog tag and more like a cheap man’s Run ID. So I bought it, for less than ⅓rd the price of a Road ID and put my ICE (In Case of Emergency) info on it. Then I laced it into the bottom section of my Saucony Ride training shoes. (Yes, I photoshopped out some of the info, I don’t need my crazed groupies stalking me). I’d call this piece of low tech a big win.  

Meet Dr. Broeder

While logging hilly miles at The Arboretum (or Arb, my favorite place to run and ride), I came upon another cyclist. Being the friendly guy I am, I struck up a conversation. Turns out this guy was Dr. Craig Broeder (insert alphabet of acronyms here), the head of Exercising Nutritionally, a company that focuses on helping both world class athletes and regular Joes like myself reach their potential, as well as testing to see if a company’s new gadget or supplement does what it claims to do, (and I’m sure a heck of a lot more). He also happens to set endurance biking records. After doing a few 7.5 mile laps of the Arb he asked if I’d like to help him iron out the kinks in an upcoming study. Being the info junkie I am, I ready agreed. A few days later I was hooked up to an EKG and…

Time for a pain cave

In case you haven’t noticed, these first posts are backdated and somewhat out of order. That’s what happens when you procrastinate for two years to start you triathlon blog. Give me a few weeks to catch up. Now, back to the topic on hand. I picked up a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine so I can round out my pain cave and continue training in the winter. I paired it with their Riser Ring and a custom built laptop/book/whatever holder. (Note that my six year old is playing Super Mario 2 in the background, you gotta start them out right!) On top of that, I paired my Wahoo Bluetooth Speed & Cadence Sensor, Heart Rate Monitor and TrainerRoad (that’s my profile if you want to look at it) so that I could do realistic structured workouts indoors. TrainerRoad’s actually really cool and helps keep you motivated and working hard during what can become incredibly boring. It…

New bike day

Following the Race to Wrigley success, I decided to take on the world of triathlon. After a few rides on my old hybrid bike, I realized it was time to get a proper bike that was made for speed. Thinking that I didn’t want to limit myself to tris only, (and frankly afraid of the aero position) I picked up a Giant TCR. It’s a nice carbon frame with a respectable 105 groupset. My thought was that I would grow into the frame and upgrade components as necessary. Here she is the day I brought her home from Spokes (my LBS), before clipless pedals, a saddle bag, a Wahoo bluetooth speed and cadence sensor, clip on aerobars (and eventually a full aero cockpit) and carbon wheels … were added.

In the beginning … I was fat

I think it makes the most sense to start this blog at the beginning: Years back life was much different for me. I was not the crazed triathlete I am today. Back then, one of my favorite sayings was, “I only run when chased.” Had there been the 0.0 bumper stickers available, I would have proudly sported one on my car. I just didn’t get fitness for fitness’ sake and was happy to engage in physical activity only when necessary. Runners made no sense to me and I often ridiculed their obsession. I actually had a pretty good diet, eating mostly homemade meals of healthy ingredients. As it goes, you can always have too much of a good thing, and my overeating and sedentary lifestyle started to catch up on me. About ten years after college I found myself about 70-80 pounds over weight. The weight had been bugging me for some time, but not…