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IRONMAN Shift Data Analysis

Shifts on Map

After waiting most of the summer to update my Di2 system’s firmware, I finally stopped by Endure It to have Erik update my system. With this update and the D-Fly module I am now able to record shift data within my Garmin fit files. There are many training benefits from having this information alongside my heart rate, power, cadence, and speed data. Unfortunately, Garmin has not decided how they want to deal with this data, so you’re stuck figuring out to do with it on your own. Enter Thankfully a professor at Samford University has built a website ( that helps us visualize Di2 shift data in several helpful ways. Without Brian’s help, I don’t think there’s a consumer facing way to do anything with this valuable data. While this site is still in “project” mode, according to Brian, it is complete enough to help me see several errors I made during my first IRONMAN. What follows…