“Hey, slow down for this next corner”

Well, it’s official, I’m an idiot.

While riding on an unfamiliar trail I ignored my partners’ advice and stayed aero going ~25mph towards a 90° corner. Needless to say, it did not go well.

Once I realized I was moving too fast, I got on my brakes. I reached the rear first and it immediately locked up, sending my rear tire to my left. At that point I decided to run out into the field, but as my bike had rotated right, I was unable to make the field and ended up going about 17mph in the edge of the forest.

My 920XT tracked my crash perfectly.
I wonder if that little bump in speed after it zeros out was me bouncing.
I’m pretty sure that drop in bpm was real, as I nearly passed out.


I ended up breaking my clavicle pretty bad (hint, that >45° angle is supposed to be a straight line), as well as my scapula and a couple ribs. I will be getting my clavicle surgically repaired on Thursday.

Surprisingly, besides the aforementioned relatively severe damage, I came through this with ZERO bruising and just a few scratches.

Seriously, this is the uncleaned cut I received while breaking 4 bones.

Thankfully, it looks like my bike is fine, only suffering some mis-aligned aerobars that will be a simple fix.

Looks like I’ll be missing the Batavia Triathlon. Joe LoPresto was nice enough to defer my entry until 2016. Hopefully that’s the only Triathlon I miss due to injury.

Thanks to Dr. Broeder for helping my to the hospital and driving my home.