Meet Dr. Broeder

While logging hilly miles at The Arboretum (or Arb, my favorite place to run and ride), I came upon another cyclist. Being the friendly guy I am, I struck up a conversation.

Turns out this guy was Dr. Craig Broeder (insert alphabet of acronyms here), the head of Exercising Nutritionally, a company that focuses on helping both world class athletes and regular Joes like myself reach their potential, as well as testing to see if a company’s new gadget or supplement does what it claims to do, (and I’m sure a heck of a lot more). He also happens to set endurance biking records.

After doing a few 7.5 mile laps of the Arb he asked if I’d like to help him iron out the kinks in an upcoming study. Being the info junkie I am, I ready agreed.

A few days later I was hooked up to an EKG and told to pedal my ass off while wearing a fancy face mask that measured oxygen consumption and periodically drinking a specially formulated supplement. Every once in a while he’d also prick my finger and see how my blood glucose was doing.

While my info was not used for the study, I was at least able to help him get the testing procedure figured out for when the real pros are tested.

Best of all, he gave me this:

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 9.42.00 AMScreen Shot 2015-05-07 at 9.45.38 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 9.46.03 AM

Now I know my VO2 max (52, not too bad for a recovered fatty), power/heart rate zones and other extremely relevant info for training purposes.

Thanks Dr. Craig!